Fleece Clothing Tape Polyester Wire Harness Tape

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fleece clothing tape polyester wire harness tape

The specification is as follows:


Color Black
Size 0.3mm x 19mm x 15m/25m
Useage wrapping automobile harness

Elongation at break

Rated voltage 6.5kv
Tensile strength 45N/cm
Adhesive sidesinge side
Temperature tolerances-40 to 105°C
Adhesive type

Pressure Sensitive

cloth wire harness tape.png

wire harness tape (3).jpg

The packing of fleece clothing tape polyester wire harness tape

MOQ is one box, 

If 19mm*15m, one box is 200 rolls.

The carton size is 48cm*38cm*22m. The carton weight is 12kg.

If 19mm*25m, one box is 160 rolls

The carton size is 48cm*38cm*22cm. The caron weight is 13kg

packing 1.jpg

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