Bopp Cartons Sealing Tape Main Features

Bopp Cartons Sealing Tape Main Features
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bopp cartons sealing tape main features

High-quality and high-performance tapes perform well even in extremely harsh climates and are suitable for warehousing of containers, shipping containers and preventing theft of goods, unlawful opening etc. Supply of up to 6 colors and different sizes Neutral and personalized sealing tape



Instantaneous adhesive force - sealing tape that is sticky.

Fixing ability - even with very little stress, can be glued to the workpiece as you think.

Easily torn - Easy to torn off the tape without stretching and pulling the tape.

Controlled unwrapping - The sealing tape can be pulled away from the coil in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.

Suppleness - sealing tape can easily adapt to the sudden changes in the shape of the curve.

Thin - sealing tape will not leave a thick edge of the accumulation of debris.

Smoothness - The sealing tape feels smooth and does not irritate your hands when pressed.

Anti-transfer - sealing tape removed will not leave adhesive.

Anti-solvent - sealing tape backing material to prevent solvent penetration.

Fragmentation - sealing tape will not appear lobes.

Anti-retraction - sealing tape can stretch along the curved surface without retraction phenomenon.

Anti-peeling - the paint will be firmly fixed in the sealing tape on the back material.


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