Bubble Wrap Brown Colorful BOPP Parcel Shipping Tape

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Bubble wrap brown colorful bopp parcel shipping tape


Bopp packing tape bi-oriented polypropylene film backing and pressure sensitive acrylic emulsion adhesive, high tensile strength, broad temperature tolerance, printable 7 color variations available can adds aesthetic look to your package.
Designed for packages where image is important and for sorting purpose. Region and content can be assigned different colors for rapid sorting and packaging, color BOPP packaging tape is your sorting helping hand in your job.


Standard Color: Transparent / brown / tan Special Color: White / yellow / red / green, etc
Size: 990/1020/1280/1600mmx 4000/6000m(Jumbo roll size)
48mmx66mor customerized (Cut roll size)

bopp parcel shipping tape


Bopp film


Water acrylic




Transparent, tan, coffee, white, black, green, red,yellow, blue or as request

Cut roll width



High adhesive properties.
High durability and frost-resistance.
Wide choice and colour range.
Suited for use with a dispenser.
Horizontal sealed packages 6 pieces per package.
Compliance with all the manufacturer's characteristics.
Horizontal sealed packages 6 pieces per package.

Widely used for packaging the carton, sealing, protecting. Coloured parcel tape is used to control breaking of package, separate different types of products, or form a concrete lot in the storehouse and in transportation.

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