Acrylic Glue Brown and Tan BOPP Packing Tape 66m

Product Details

Acrylic glue brown and tan bopp packing tape 66m


Normal bopp film coated with acrylic water based. It has good adhesion, outstanding low temperature resistance. 

Color: dark brown,brown, yellow, coffee, tan

Size: 12mm,24mm,36mm,45mm,48mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,72mm,75mm or as request.

Diameter of inner paper core: 76mm

Thickness: 38mic to 55mic

Length: 30m to 4000m as request. 


Cold resistant, strong remedial and make-up capability, widely applicable to general sealing, assembly and fixing. 

High adhesive properties.

High durability and frost-resistance.

Wide choice and colour range.

Suited for use with a dispenser.

Horizontal sealed packages 6 pieces per package.

Compliance with all the manufacturer’s characteristics.

Horizontal sealed packages 6 pieces per package.


Used for taping of corroboard boxes of different weight, for winding of various industrial goods, for paperwork. 

Coloured parcel tape is used to control breaking of package, separate different types of products, or form a concrete lot in the storehouse and in transportation.

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