Carton Sealing Cellulose Tape Plant Based Biodegradable Adhesive Cellotape

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carton sealing cellulose tape plant based biodegradable adhesive cellotape

These cellulose adhesive tapes comes in various different sizes with high tensile strength and adhesion. They are used in various applications, such as industrial and domestic packaging, gift wrapping and decoration, bundling, strapping and other stationery purposes.

"Plant-based" tape. The main components of the product are plant cellulose film and natural resin. It is a completely degradable green environmental protection tape. It also has anti-static and easy-to-tear






The main features and performance: 

1. The biggest performance is degradation and environmental protection. Tested by a third party: Natural rubber tape degradation time is 77 days. The hot melt adhesive tape degradation time was 108 days. The test is carried out in compost and gradually decomposes into harmless substances existing in nature under certain conditions of temperature and humidity. The waste of this product can meet the requirements of Australia and other European and American countries and enter the compostable garbage. In our domestic waste classification, it can be attributed to wet garbage or rotten garbage.       

2, strong viscosity: suitable for different material surfaces, stable, long-lasting; suitable for a variety of temperature environments.                                                                                                                           

3, no irritating gas. Non-toxic, odorless, the film is burning without smoke and foul odor, after burning is like ash like plain paper.                                                                                                                              

4, anti-static, non-conductive. Good insulation (surface resistance 8.2×107Ω), no static electricity, no dust, very good printing effect, no corona treatment for printing                                                                 

5, easy to tear. It is easy to tear by hand, but it has certain toughness and strength.                                

6, has good gas permeability (average oxygen permeability is 67.018cc / due to the composition of cellulose, the membrane has capillary pores to breathe. Suitable for fresh storage of fruits, vegetables, etc.                                                                                                                                    

7, high temperature resistance: 200℃in the oven, 24 hours, unchanged. Cellulose film has many other excellent features and properties (such as easy tearing, kink, haze less than 1.2%, etc.)                          

The main purpose.                                                                                                                                    

Due to the function of the tape and the degradation properties, it is widely used.                                    

1, the functional application of the tape itself. After testing the tape, the main indicators have reached the requirements of sealing tape and stationery tape. Mainly postal, express delivery, sealing tape for various products, packaging of agricultural products, including tree grafting and pest control, supermarkets for the binding of fruits and vegetables, also suitable for the packaging of freezer in cold storage, and so on. It is especially suitable for packaging of food and medicine, high-end clothing, cosmetics, handicrafts, etc.                                                                                                                            

2. Stationary tape for students, government offices, etc.                                                                              

3, for decoration, you can print a variety of patterns.                                                                                    

4, can do protective film, sealing glue (post) and so on._7NT9ZP}2]D[NUEOA})N[ZW

The safety performance test of the physical and chemical characteristics of the product, and the comprehensive evaluation of the possible harm to the user, meet the requirements of the United States and European Union and other developed countries

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