Automotive Wire Harness Velvet Tape

Automotive Wire Harness Velvet Tape
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Product Details

Quantity: One roll

                 General, 200 rolls per carton.


Models: Car Universal


Specifications: 19MM wide, about 15 meters in length


Material: Plain Velvet


Temperature rating: -60-150°C


Scope of application: Winding in engine compartment and cab wiring harness. Can also be used for winding positioning when wiring harness is installed!


Features: flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-aging, winding wire harness can also play a shock absorption effect! Strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and suppleness, the most important is the stable high temperature performance, not like the ordinary tape like skin or hard!


Many friends have this misunderstanding:

Since it is considered to be a heat-resistant Dongdong, it should not be burned with a lighter. This is not the case. The temperature of the outer flame of a lighter is 1000 degrees. Most automotive products cannot stand fire for a long time, and they are insulated and directly burned. It is totally two concepts. I hope my friends will understand!



This product is commonly used in the original car wiring harness harness, special for car line dressing!

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