Bopp tape jumbo roll price

In 2017, the tape market price curve for the tape was treacherous. After the Spring Festival, market participants returned insufficiently, and the market price fell. In May, the raw material butyl acrylate was used to support the product. The price of the mother coil increased sharply, and the profit of the manufacturer turned profitable; due to environmental protection inspection, individual The mother coil manufacturers started poorly, with high prices in Shandong and East China. The mother roll market ushered in the second wave of 2017. As of August 9, the price was 9.18% higher than the previous month and 20.91% higher than the same period of last year. As of July, imports increased 28.51% year-on-year, domestic demand for specialty tapes was still considerable; exports increased 8.26% year-on-year, and export conditions remained positive. In 2017, the new line will continue to increase. According to Zhuo Chuang incomplete statistics, domestic production capacity reached 3.0911 million tons as of December, an increase of 226,600 tons from the end of 2016, which was 229,300 tons, an increase of 7.9%. In 2018, some manufacturers still have new lines. plan. Under the influence of the new Olivia, the Leopard network has also been operating with great success. The

Looking ahead to 2018, the opportunity and challenge of tape parent roll coexist. In the face of new devices, mother roll manufacturers have optimistic expectations for demand. In respect of raw materials, BOPP devices will continue to expand in 2017, and butyl acrylate production capacity will already be in a state of oversupply. In 2018, the cost of mother rolls will not be too high; the continuous increase in environmental protection will become a focus of attention in the industry, and the mother coil manufacturers will be happy. Several families are worried that in 2018 tape roll prices will fluctuate frequently. Under the initiative of the State to vigorously promote international trade cooperation, in 2018 China's tape parent roll export is expected to climb further to the peak to ease domestic excess capacity.

The Information is based on years of professional research experience in the Chinese tape market, combining qualitative and quantitative, professional theory and system data complement each other. The “2017-2018 China Tape Market Annual Report” was launched. The report starts with slicing the status quo of the market industry from multiple perspectives such as price, start-up, production and sales, import and export, and analysis of upstream and downstream price trends and demand analysis. It explores the future development of the industry and helps you to study the history of the past. Better Formulate strategies for future investment strategies.

Content value:

(1) The production capacity and output of domestic production companies in the past five years are presented in different regions, allowing you to understand the production status and development trends of domestic enterprises at a glance.

(2) Analyze the import and export market of BOPP adhesive tape in detail in each year so that you can understand the changes in the import and export structure.

(3) Multi-angle analysis of factors driving price changes, and objective assessment of the conduction of the mother roll value of BOPP tape