Clear use of transparent tape

In our daily life, there are many small objects with many functions. These functions are very worth exploring. After they are discovered, we can use them to solve some problems in life. For us, this is very useful. Do n’t treat these things as useless knowledge, you can use them if necessary. Take the very common Scotch tape as an example, it is not only used to seal some cartons and paste some things, but also for other purposes.
Sometimes our clothes are stained with dirty things that are not easy to remove, such as fluff. Although these things are small, they are not easy to clean up. In this way, we can use these transparent tapes. With these straps, you can put these dirty When things stick down, the clothes will be very clean.
Sometimes, we need to use some small things. Once they fall on the ground, it is not easy to pick them up. If our nails are short, it is more difficult to pick up, but if you have these transparent straps around you, it is completely different. Pull the tape out, cut it for a while, and then gently stick the tape to the ground to easily stick things together.
In addition to helping us pick up these little things from the ground, these transparent straps can also help us store these little things. Generally speaking, these little things are difficult to solve. After all, they are too small and thin. However, due to their stickiness, These transparent tapes can easily repair these small things, so that they can make us more at ease.
Due to the effect of gravity, the dust in the air will basically fall on the carpet, which is more troublesome to clean up. When we clean the carpet, we usually use a vacuum cleaner so that we can clean it, but we can also use these transparent tapes to clean these For carpets, the adhesiveness of these tapes can be used to remove dirt from these floor racks.
When cleaning the bathroom, there is a problem that troubles us many times, that is, there will be a lot of hair on the floor, so it is more troublesome to clean, if we stick it with transparent tape, the hair on the floor is easy to clean, very easy to clean , Our cleaning work is easier.