Description and use of slip tape


1 Instruments: skateboards, scooters, treadmills, exercise machines, lathes and printing presses, passages on buses, steps;

2 places: kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes, railway stations, subway train stations, terminals, hotels, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms, sports fields, fitness rooms, elevator entrances, pedestrian slopes, freight yards, work areas, and decks.

3 It can also be used on recreational tour buses, ships, trailers, trucks, aircraft ladders, large or small power equipment.


A: product structure

Surface sand: black corundum (corundum, fluorescent sand, alumina particles), silicon carbide, glass sand, quartz sand, rubber-plastic non-slip fiber, non-sand material and special non-slip material.

Substrate: PVC, PP, PET, etc. Primer: ready-to-use strong adhesive. Bottom paper: white, kraft paper, green silicone paper.

B: Application range (both indoor and outdoor):

(a) PET (strongest and environmentally friendly); PVC (cheap but convenient for printing); PP, Synthetic (environmental and easy to print): Recommended for non-slip pastes on flat or curved surfaces;

(b) Anti-slip strips with night light and fluorescence: Recommended for safe stairways in buildings and high-rise buildings.

Of course, the substrate material and thickness are different, and the strength and wear resistance of the product are different.

C: Technical parameters

Surface compatibility: painted wood, metal, sealed concrete

Working temperature: Use when the surface temperature is above 50°F

Standard size: Roll length: 60', slits on request

Volume width: 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", 48"


Non-slip adhesive tape is used in double-sided adhesive coating process. When double-sided adhesive tape is pulled out from the coater, it needs to be deducted from the roller. If the surface of the guide roller is not specially treated, the adhesive will stick to the roller and affect the production. And tape quality. The surface of the roller is usually covered with a low surface energy material to prevent blocking. This single-sided anti-slip tape is specially designed for this application. It is coated with a durable adhesive that can be firmly attached to the surface of the discharge roller, and the other side is a special low surface energy rubber that can effectively prevent the adhesive from adhering to it. Adhesion.