Electrical tape application

Product use

The power line connector is divided into "decimal" connection method, "one" connection method, "D" connection method and so on. Joints should be tight, smooth and thornless. Before disconnecting the wire, it should be lightly pressed with wire pliers, then wound to the mouth, and then swinging left and right, the thread end will be snugly disconnected at the joint. If the joint is in a dry place, it should be wrapped with two layers of insulating black cloth, then wrapped with plastic tape (also called PVC adhesive tape) two layers, followed by J-10 insulation self-adhesive tape stretched about 200% wrapped two or three layers, Finally wrapped two plastic tapes. Because of the shortcomings of using plastic tapes directly, plastic tapes are prone to be misaligned and glued open in a long time; when the electrical load is heavy, the joints are hot, plastic electrical tapes are easily melted and contracted; when the power connectors are pressed in the terminal box and the connectors have burrs, It is easy to poke plastic tapes, etc. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal safety and cause short circuits or abnormalities in the lines, causing fire.

The use of insulating black tape will not appear above. It has a certain strength, flexibility, can be tightly wrapped in the joints for a long time, dry and fixed type, will not fall off, and flame retardant. Furthermore, wrapping the tape with an insulating black tape can prevent moisture and rust.

However, the insulating self-adhesive tape is also defective. Although it has good waterproof performance but is easily broken, it is necessary to wrap the two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer, and the self-adhesive tapes of the joints and the joints are not sticky to each other and have better performance. Learn how to use electrical tape and use it properly to prevent leakage and reduce hazards.