How does the silicone rubber self-fusingtape get self-adhesive?

How does the silicone rubber self-adhesive tape get self-adhesive?

It should be noted that self-adhesive is the fusion phenomenon of the same kind of unvulcanized rubber paste after being combined for a certain period of time. It is the result of mutual diffusion of rubber macromolecules on the two bonding surfaces through molecular thermal motion, so self-adhesive It is a unique characteristic of unvulcanized rubber and is also a basic feature of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape.

  For the self-fusing tape of silicone rubber, self-adhesiveness is very important in the molding process. It has advantages and disadvantages for rubber processing. It provides adhesion to the composite type of each product to ensure that the bonding part is firm; however, some processes No self-adhesive is required in the link, and a release agent is used to prevent adhesion.

  When making the silicone rubber self-adhesive tape, when the unvulcanized rubber contacts each other, the interface penetrates and diffuses into each other. This molecular-scale interdiffusion makes the two layers glue together after a certain period of time. In an ideal situation, the adhesion can reach the strength of the rubber itself, thus ensuring uniformity of the overall performance of the product after vulcanization.

  When the two layers of film of the silicone rubber self-adhesive tape are attached, the rubber macromolecular chain at the interface forms a cavity due to thermal motion during the entanglement process, and the adjacent molecular chain is allowed to be squeezed into the chain segment. In the gap, it eventually merges with time.

  For different rubber types, the self-adhesive force is also different due to the difference in the volume, cross-sectional area and the number of holes per polymerization unit. In general, the larger the volume of the cavity, the more the number of holes, the higher the self-adhesive level. Therefore, in order to improve the self-adhesiveness of the silicone rubber self-adhesive tape, it is possible to increase the volume of the material cavit

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