How to choose a better flannel harness tape for automotives

There are a lot of industrial products on the market today, but basic tapes should be selected at the time of purchase. The same applies to the industrial use of various types of velvet strapping tapes. Therefore, basic identification tapes Method and buy the common sense of tape or need, today we will discuss flannel tape selection.

1, the fabric is good or bad

PET fleece wires harness tape is to choose the side of the tape is flannel used for the adhesive, so when you choose to see the quality of the flannel is no doubt, but must be selected is a variety of good quality is very good Velvet fabric, since it is suede tape, the main fancy is the suede material, so according to the provided products to identify the quality of the cloth on the line, including the suede luster and provide different colors.

2, the choice of glue

Determine the quality of the flannel there is another is that the focus is the quality of the glue, that is, the fluffy feel more delicate, soft, but the gum must pay attention to what is the choice of glue, can not have pungent odor, The best form is through a variety of different impurities do not have any smell of glue, adding environmentally friendly additives, so the stability is better, for the use of velvet tape harness.

Have the choice of the above two materials after the fact that the most crucial thing is that when the glue should pay attention to the problem now using automatic control of machinery for velvet tape adhesive tape brushing way, not only save time, and the quality of more uniform and have luster.

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