How to choose pvc electrical tape

How to choose pvc electrical tape

For PVC Electrical tape one is glue, and the other is cloth. We first look at the glue it! To determine whether the glue is qualified, and some customers may say sticky hand try just fine, very simple. In fact, this is not the case. Like inferior glue, it produces a gummy odor, and the point is that the odor is detrimental. For this inferior glue, not environmentally friendly, but also the smell of glue will continue to volatile, will destroy the life of glue. And compared to the brand electrical tape, they use environmentally friendly low-VOC, will not smell volatile. So for not good or bad, can not touch good or bad, but also test the trouble of glue, we can smell the way to distinguish good or bad.

Our PVC insulation tape is qualified with Rohs and REACH Grade. Quality is no problem.

Then you can measure the width of PVC tape, the width of the corresponding model to try it out.

The key length of electircal insulation tape, we can use the weighing method to solve, so that we buy electrical tape will not buy unqualified tape, but also to avoid the danger.


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