How to choose suitable adhesive tape?

How to choose suitable adhesive tape, we choose adhesive tape for you to make two purposes clear:

1.The characteristics of the tape :(viscosity, temperature resistance, retention, whether residual rubber, material quality star, whether there is no rolling phenomenon, masking effect, tensile strength, length, stiffness, color, weather resistance, solubility, smooth degree, size accuracy, tin penetration < >, cohesion).

2. Scope of use :(electronics, decoration, automobile, industrial packaging, clothing, circuit board, electrical insulation, ordinary industrial shelter).

The commonly used tapes for packaging electronic components are as follows:

1. Moire tape

Characteristics: excellent viscosity, good temperature resistance, good tensile strength, good retention without residual adhesive, can be baked in the high temperature environment for many times

Usage: widely used in the manufacturing process of electronic components such as ceramic capacitor, polyester capacitor, metallization capacitance, thermistor, etc.

2. Cold pressing tape

Features: small initial adhesive force, adhesive adhesive force in the face of excellent, good paper, will not appear to roll the image, good masking effect, and do not destroy the core surface film!

Usage: used for metallizing capacitor spray shielding.

Hot melt tape

Characteristics: small initial adhesive force, in the case of heating immediately show excellent viscosity, combined with paper tape carrier, good fixing force, strong durability, good weather resistance, good solubility.

Usage: it is widely used in braiding electronic components.

4, tear tape

Characteristics: small initial adhesive force of tear tape, when using the two adhesive face firmly, easy to strip off, very good tensile resistance, no fracture phenomenon, as long as 6000M tear tape greatly improve your productivity.

Use: for the resistance of the future band.

5. Make tape

Characteristics: good adhesive tape, good tensile strength, good retention, even winding, long length, can save loading frequency, improve production efficiency.

Usage: tape and paper tape used together, used for resistance and automatic plug-in secondary tape.

6. Weave paper tape

Characteristics: the paper tape has strong tensile resistance, good stiffness and even winding.And you can choose a variety of colors.

Usage: tape and paper tape used together, used for resistance and automatic plug-in secondary tape.SY674 and hot melt tape used together, used for electronic components finished products

Also: meguiar's tape, special temperature resistant tape, chip packing tape, masking tape, layered dry paper tape, wet water paper tape, dry paper tape, duct tape, PE tape, polyester tape, PVC tape, aluminum tape, zebra tape, fiber tape, etc.