How to easily test ordinary tape

1. The smell, if the smell is very strong, has a sour taste, this tape retention is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, basic stick on the carton will craze, taste when it grows in the early feel viscous force is very sticky, but will soon dry rubber surface, loss of gum, that time in the tape surface has crack.Because the glue is not uniform.

2. Look at the brightness of the film. Generally, poor quality tapes are dark in color.

3. Thickness of hand-felt film. Tapes with stiff film are generally inferior, and the actual number of meters will be reduced due to the thickness of film.The film that good adhesive tape chooses is softer, stretch with the hand long sex is good.

4. Look at the color. Generally, the whiter the appearance of the transparent tape, the less impurities in the tape, so as to ensure the normal adhesiveness.Yellow tape to see whether there is an irregular distribution of white spots on the surface of the tape, with hand pressure not to wipe away for impurities or adhesive dry prints, this product generally has a smell.

5. Look at the paper tube: the choice of thick paper tube tape is generally in order to mislead consumption.Tape production began from abroad, so the tape paper tube 7.6 cm inner diameter are unified, but inferior adhesive tape on the thickness of the tube is to do, and cause this kind of situation and many consumers still have a relationship, many people think that the thicker the paper tube, the outer ring, the greater the tape is, the more fiercely a listen to is correct, it can calculate carefully?Say with 3 millimeter paper tube and 7 millimeter paper tube ratio, if two rolls of tape from the outer diameter of the paper tube to the edge of the tape pure tape thickness is 1 centimeter, we can use the mathematical formula to calculate 7 millimeter paper tube and 3 millimeter paper tube each centimeter glue thickness can more meters of tape?

6. See the firmness, adhesive tape in the process of from semi-finished product to the finished product is using the sectional winding machine, has the certain tension, tension, tape will take more tight, tape according to routine should be neat, such tape is no gap, the degree of glue combined with air is small, can prolong the shelf life of adhesive tape and big limited reserves the adhesive tape.Additional to inferior tape, because contain impurity among them, transparent tape which is cheap, so spread glue is not even, transparent tape, won't have a problem at that time after take a finished product in roll, but the time is slightly long begin to appear aperture.In addition, the adhesive tape is rolled up on a flat surface in the process of use, which is very convenient to find openings.