masking tape

masking tape, also known as paper tape, color separation paper. According to the form of glue coating, it can be divided into strip coating and overall coating. According to the viscosity of the adhesive tape, it can be divided into three viscosities: low, medium and high. Medium to low viscosity masking tape can be used for interior wall latex paint construction. High-viscosity US adhesive paper can be used for interior and exterior wall construction, protection, and automobile sneezing. Use a different viscosity of textured paper according to your needs. In general, the stripe-coated masking tape has a slightly lower viscosity and lower cost, but is particularly suitable for indoor latex paint construction. If a high-viscosity integral coated textured paper is used, it tends to stick to the wall surface. However, if it is a glass curtain wall construction, it is necessary to use high-viscosity integral rubberized textured paper. Due to the influence of temperature, the viscosity of summer textured paper will decrease in winter, so it is recommended to use medium-high viscosity overall rubber coating products in winter construction. If you use high-viscosity textured paper indoors, please pay attention to gently smoothing with your back when you paste. Do not use force, so as not to uncover it when it is removed.