Polystyrene process raw material preparation

1. the main raw material of rubber products are based on the raw material, and rubber is grown in tropical and subtropical artificial cut through the bark of rubber trees collected.

2. the various ingredients are added in order to improve certain properties of the rubber auxiliary materials.

3. fibrous materials (cotton, hemp, wool and synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber and metal, wire) is used as rubber reinforcing materials, to increase the mechanical strength, limited product variants. Ingredients must be in accordance with the formula in the process of preparing accurate weighing of raw material. In order to make the unvulcanized rubber compounding ingredients can be mixed with each other, the material needs to be processed. Rubber in the 60--70 ° c oven baked soft gel, broken into small pieces, using block. Such as paraffin, stearic acid and rosin to be crushed. Powder containing mechanical impurities or coarse need filters to remove liquids such as pine tar, COUMARONE need heating, melting, evaporation, filtering impurities, using dry or easy to agglomeration, mixing, if not dispersed uniformly sulfide bubbles will affect the quality of the product.