PVC Electrical tape

PVC Electrical tape

The full name of electrical tape PVC insulated electrical tape, and some people call it electrical insulation tape or insulating tape.

table of Contents

1 basic introduction

2 main purpose

3 product use

4 production process

1. Basic introduction

Short for: PVC electrical tape, PVC tape, etc .. Has a good insulation, flame resistance, voltage, cold and other characteristics for wire wound, transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators and other types of electrical and electronic components of the insulation fixed use. There are red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent and other colors.

The main purpose

For a variety of resistance parts of the insulation. Such as wire connector winding, broken insulation repair, transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators and other types of electrical and electronic components of the insulation protection. Can also be used in industrial processes bundled, fixed, lap, repair, seal, protection.

3. Product use

Power cord connector is divided into "ten" word connection, "a" word connection, "d" word connection and so on. The connector should be wrapped firmly, smooth and stingless. Before the thread is disconnected, it should be gently pressed with a wire clamp wire, and then wound to the mouth, and then swing around, the thread will be obediently affixed to the joints at the disconnect. If the connector is in a dry place, it should be covered with two layers of insulation black cloth first, and then wrapped with plastic tape (also called PVC adhesive tape) two layers, followed by J-10 insulation tape stretched about 200% wrapped two or three layers, Finally wrap two layers of plastic tape. Because the direct use of plastic tape a lot of shortcomings: plastic tape for a long time prone to plastic misplaced, plastic open; electrical load, the connector fever, plastic electrical tape easy to melt shrink; power connector pressure in the junction box, It is easy to stamp empty plastic tape, etc. These hidden dangers directly endanger personal safety, causing the line moderate, causing a fire.

The use of insulating black tape will not appear above. It has a certain degree of strength, flexibility, long-term tight tight joints, by the time and temperature effects and dry-fixed, will not fall off, and flame retardant. Furthermore, with insulating tape wrap wrapped tape can be moisture-proof, rust-proof.

However, self-adhesive insulation tape is also defective, although it is waterproof but easy to break, so the last two layers of plastic tape to be wrapped for the protective layer, joints and joints of the insulating self-adhesive tape non-stick, better performance. Learn the use of electrical tape, the proper use of to prevent leakage, reduce harm.

4 production process

To PVC film as substrate, coated with rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing.

Electrical tape refers to the electrician used to prevent leakage, the role of insulation tape. Has a good insulation voltage, flame retardant, weathering and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection and so on.