Read this article, you dare to say that you know the car harness tape it?

Once, with a friend engaged in the auto industry to eat dinner, during the meeting, someone asked him the question of car purchase, spoke, he exposed an astonishing insider ...

He said he has been engaged in the auto repair industry for more than three years and has demolished many cars. He noticed that in some places the harnesses were visible and the tapes were generally thickly wound. Like some invisible places, the tapes were relatively sparsely wound. So, through the winding tape to see the big, basically you can determine whether there is the phenomenon of cutting corners.

We all heard admired admire one after another. At first, I also strongly agreed, but with my understanding of automotive wiring harness, I think this is not reasonable.

Automotive wiring harness tape main features:

First, easy to assemble, to avoid the emergence of a fly line;

The second is to avoid the harness in the assembly process is damaged;

Third, to provide the necessary wear and noise reduction protection.

Indeed, with some details, more or less able to see the manufacturer's sophistication of the car. However, sparse tape winding, only according to the actual needs of different, choose a different way of winding it. In general, the winding of the wiring harness is divided into all wrapped, wrapped around the wound and point three.

and so

"Amount" does not mean "quality"

Determining harness safety

It may also be improper selection of tape

So, how to choose?

First, according to the needs of the use of choice, the market, in addition to the common PVC tape, there are also designed to reduce noise and wear-resistant harness tape. Noise reduction tape is generally used in the dashboard, ceiling and door; wear-resistant tape depends on the specific wiring harness layout and movement of the state.

Second, choose the trusted big brands, such as Shijiazhuang LIANTU tape. 

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