Security tape

Security tape is anti-tampering seal for bags, cartons, electrical & electronic, letters and many other containers. The security tape primary function is to show tamper being torn or broken. The removal of security tape shows misalignment or broken seal on the affixed surface as well as on the security tape as an indication of tamper removal of the package. Security tape is mainly used for packaging protection in the packaging industry to avoid unauthorized access to the final product and secure asset as a genuine product. The security tapes can be customized according to the print as per the requirement by the end user. Adding serial number, QR code as a part of shipping document, diagonal lines to indicate slitting and copyright trademark as customized tape offers more security to the package. The security tape gives the strength to the sealed product, and destructive bond in the tapes result from the package be tamper evident.

Global Security Tape Market: Dynamics

Security tape market is driven by the outperformance in the packaging industry. The technological advancement in security tapes such as tamper evident tape and gummed tape with the feasibility of anti-tampering seal protection to the package is driving the security tape market. Potential factor such as for deterring theft and the genuine asset is protected from the security tapes and rising the application of security tapes in the packaging industry. Moreover, the adhesive used in security tape penetrates with the carton material to form a permanent bond which cannot be resealed after removal is another potential factor to the growth of security tape. Features like dusty environment, hot and cold temperature and high humidity doesn’t affect the security tape and survives the other climatic conditions which add a potential factor to the rise of security tapes. The smart presentation through security tapes is relatively higher than pressure sensitive tape or standard adhesive tape. Owing to security tape doesn’t require multi-layer on the package which reflects neatness and customized print with a company logo or brand logo initiate low-cost opportunity to promote the company or the brand and is another potential factor the boosts the security tape market growth. The gummed paper type or water activated tape is fully recyclable and is biodegradable adds another potential advantage to growth of security tape being environmental friendly