Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape knowledge and application fields

Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape is made of high-temperature-resistant splice-bonded adhesive silicone rubber with easy-peel protective layer on the tape. It can be used under H-level high temperature 250°C (365°F), especially suitable for cable The outermost layer of the terminal is resistant to tracking marks. When used, add the overlapped tape head at the end of the terminal. The entire terminal is one inch from the cable jacket to the metal protrusion, plus an additional layer of semi-overlapping tape. When the tape is wrapped gently (the tape can be stretched from 10% to 100%), the tape on the last pass must not be stretched. To prevent the tape from curling off the end of the tape, hold the tape until it is self-adhesive (use Water-proof dust-proof).

Application area of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape


    1. Shock protection for the coil

    2. Shockproof parts, scratch pads, compression pads.

    3. Wire winding, wire binding, including high temperature applications;

    4. For roller, protect it and increase traction;

    5. Factory maintenance

    6. Quality and heavy duty repair tape for emergency insulation barrier

    Electrical field:

    1. Insulation of large electric airport armature and intermediate pole coils

    2. Insulation of wire and cable braiding and termination

    3. Insulation and sealing of electrical connections

    4. Insulation between the coil wire and the bus bar connection

    5. Solenoid insulation

    6. Motor connection

    7. Repair of winding wraps of aged insulation parts in regenerative motors

    Environmental field

    1. On-board application of aviation and spacecraft

    Underground cable connector

    4. Heat insulation of heat pipe

    5. Insulation of radiation environment

    6. Production process and screening agent in powder coating application

    7. Insulation, protection and sealing of marine rigging, metal equipment, power system