The basic knowledge of tape

The basic knowledge of tape


  1. Adhesive tapes

    mainly include packaging adhesive tapes, printing tapes, sealing tapes, supply tapes, electrical/electrical tapes, electronic tapes, chemical tapes, double-sided tapes, radiation tapes, stationery tapes, medical tapes, kraft paper tapes, etc. Masking tape, harness tape, not only tape-based tapes, chemical tapes, film tapes, hot-melt adhesives, adhesive labels, pressure-sensitive film tapes and other tape products and die-cutting processing.

2, protective film

    PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, LDPE protective film. Including surface protective film, stretch film, shrink film, stretch film, and packaging tape? Packaging tape?, hot melt adhesive film, stamping film, composite film, automotive protective film, LCD protective film, notebook protective film, digital camera protective film , mobile phone protection film, LED protection film, optical protection film, double-sided protective film, electrostatic film, high temperature film, PET aluminum film and other protective film packaging materials.

3, self-adhesive materials

A variety of paper and film stickers materials and products. Mainly include? PE, PVC, PET stickers? various types of label materials, trademark materials, sticky notes, stickers, cold film? PP adhesive, reflective film, film, double-sided adhesive and other adhesive products.

4. Raw materials and chemical products Raw materials and chemical products for various types of adhesive products

   Including adhesives, resins, silica gel, glue, solvents, waxes, hot melt adhesives, additives, inks and all kinds of gold materials, plain printing materials, and auxiliary materials. 

5. Production equipment and equipment?A variety of adhesive products related equipment

    Including coating machine, slitting machine, laminating machine, die-cutting machine, die-cutting equipment, molding presses, rubber making equipment, labeling machine, packaging machine, winding Machine, thickness gauge analysis and testing equipment, sizing tools and technology, related packaging and printing equipment.

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