The correct use of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape

1. Some self-adhesive tapes with particularly excellent performances are exaggerated in stretchability and self-adhesive performance. At the same time, because of the unmatched waterproof performance of the seal, they also become very strong. , With black rubber can not be afraid of silt.

2. the excellent waterproof performance of the special waterproof self-adhesive tape Needless to say, the strong insulation is also a major selling point, but because of the use of electrical insulation materials, it leads to poor heat resistance If you need to improve its heat resistance, you can use it with black tape.

3. In fact, the black tape just mentioned is also a kind of self-adhesive tape. Its main material is cotton cloth. The biggest advantage is its winding performance and insulation resistance. The price is cheap and durable, but it is necessary to say more. Because its insulation selling point will often be applied to the connector of the low-voltage line. Although it is heat-resistant, it is very afraid of water, the insulation performance is reduced after wet, and the insulation effect is lost after immersion.