The correct use of waterproof tape

The correct use of waterproof tape

Waterproof tape is a kind of self-melting, good electrical insulation and waterproof sealing tape. It has strong surface adhesion and good thermal stability. It can be used in electrical insulation and waterproof seals and other occasions. Waterproof tape and PVC tape are used together. Can provide reliable waterproof seal and insulation protection for electrical circuits.

● Tape Features

· Good conformability to irregular surfaces

· Good compatibility with various cables

· Self-adhesive tape

· Wide temperature range

· Excellent weather resistance and waterproof sealing performance

· Excellent adhesion to copper, aluminum and cable sheathing materials

● Application

· Waterproof for joints of communication equipment base stations, antennas, and sight lines

· Waterproof and sealed protection of overhead insulated wire connectors

· Cable sheath repair

· Applicable to recovery of main insulation below 1000V

· Suitable for insulation of motor leads up to 1000 V and below

· Main insulation of 35KV busbars and below

· Ground waterproof seal

In order to obtain the best conformability and waterproof sealing effect, the outer layer of the tape should be peeled off to protect the plastic, and then the tape should be stretched to three quarters of the original width before stretching. After the wrapping is completed, the tape should be squeezed by hand at the coated portion so that the interlayer is closely attached without air gap so as to be fully bonded. Finally, outside the tape, two layers of PVC tape must be wrapped to provide mechanical protection.

Waterproof joints made in strict accordance with the above process, under normal circumstances, will not fail for N years. I have undergone numerous engineering inspections and there has been no failure in one case!

Line joints should usually be soldered to prevent bad soldering after a long time.