The difference between high temperature tape and ordinary tape

The difference between high temperature tape and ordinary tape

heat resistant tape:

Type: PET spray high temperature tape, paint high temperature resistant tape, PI high temperature tape, polyimide high temperature tape, spray red mask tape, spray tin red mask tape and other tapes.

The use of Teflon high temperature tape: 1, for the electrical insulation of the wire and cable industry; 2, the use of insulation fabrics in the oxygen industry; 3, the use of the surface of the storage tank roller cladding, rail collision surface fabric, also Directly attached to a variety of large planes and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers), its operation is simple, together with the need to spray PTFE data requires professional equipment, special processes and the need to transport to the professional spray factory processing, etc.; 4, can also It is used for textile, food, medicine, wood processing and other parts as insulation high-temperature data edge; 5, for color printing packaging machine, plastic weaving wire drawing machine microwave drying, various conveyor belts and clothing hot-adhesive sealing packaging professional bag making machine, There is also a high-temperature tape used in the end face of the heat sealing of the sealing machine.

The use of high temperature PET green tape: 1, for the high temperature spray coating of the chassis, tempered cup, etc.; 2, high temperature covering of the PCB board; 3, baking tin and gold plating on the PCB board; 4, LED dot matrix, digital Tubes, electrical LED display panels and other high temperature glue to cover;

General tape raw materials: OPP, BOPP, cotton paper.

Use: Generally used for office, home, sealing and other operations. Generally, the tape is different depending on the application environment. Generally, there will be residual offset printing when peeling off.