the reason of tape aging

After a period of use, some tapes are still found to have good adhesiveness, and some tapes have rapidly aged. It is obviously the same roll of tape. Why is the aging condition different? This is mostly caused by the external environment.

Under normal circumstances, one of the factors leading to the aging of the tape is oxygen. The activity of oxygen in the air is relatively large. In the case of excessive oxygen, rapid oxidation of the tape is likely to occur. Followed by ultraviolet light, sunlight is relatively high temperature, can quickly decompose adhesion materials, in addition to our special production of high-temperature tape, any other tape exposed to sunlight for a long time will gradually lose its viscosity, resulting in aging of the tape. Then the effect of moisture, when the degree of moisture in the air will also affect the life of the tape, many hydro-electric tape has a very good waterproof performance in production.

Bleaching agent is also one of the reasons that affect the aging of tape factory direct products. Its main component is calcium oxide which contains calcium elements and chemical reactions with organic compounds; the last influencing factor is the plasticizer, its main function is to soften the plastic, As time goes by, the material itself will contain more and more plasticizers, which will cause aging of the tape.

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