The specification of silicone fusing tape

- Silicone rubber self-fusion tape with good protection and insulation properties, it is no adhesive, so when you remove it, it will not leave the viscosity. It dissolves quickly and can be corrected within 24 hours.

— It is an excellent insulator with an insulation strength above 400 VPM.

- Operating temperature range of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape: -60 ° Cto +200 ° C (continuous), -65 ° Cto +260 ° C (intermittent), 

- 600% elongation, it can be extended and wound on a variety of different surfaces, and there will be no cracks and loosening when expanding or shrinking.

- Silicone fusing tape can resist combustion, oil, acid, solvents, salt water, paving salt, and ultraviolet rays.

- Silicone tape with a variety of different colors, such as red, black, iron red, blue, gray, yellow, white, transparent color, translucent color, etc., as well as night-light type, temperature-sensitive color change type.

silicone fusing tape.jpg