The storage of printed tape

Printing tape wholesale products are more loved and supported by consumers, but people really do not know how to store them. Let us now understand the introduction of knowledge in this field.

First of all, before we store it. Different types and models need to be put together, and the type of printing tape should be properly selected according to the use requirements and conditions of the tape. Printing tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid the sun and the rain. Do not allow contact with organic base oils and keep it clean and dry. Located 1m away from the device, room temperature is between -15 and 40°C. Do not fold the printing tape and roll it up. If the storage time is too long, it should be turned every quarter.

Foreign materials can affect the eccentricity of the tape, the tension difference or even the breakage. Maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings of the printing tape is the basic condition for the good operation of the printing tape.