The type of electrical tape

Electrical insulation tape is divided into three types:

One is the cloth insulating black tape, only the insulation function, but not flame retardant nor waterproof, has now been phased out, and only in some civil electrical there are people in use.But it is still popular in Russia market now.

 fabric 9.JPG 

The second is pvc electrical fire-retardant tape, it has three functions of insulation, flame retardant, and waterproof, but because it is pvc material, so ductility is poor, can not be wrapped in the joint is very tight, waterproof is not very satisfactory, But it is now widely used.

pvc electrical tape.jpg

The third is high voltage self-adhesive tape ( self amalgamating tape) ( self fusing tape) , generally used in the higher voltage level, due to its good ductility, better waterproof than the second, so people also apply it in the field of low pressure, but Because of its strength as pvc electrical fire-retardant tape, usually with these two.

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