The use of automotive wiring harness tape:

The use of automotive wiring harness tape:

1. Automobile harness tapes are used for bonding between automobiles and motorcycle signs, home appliances, engineering decoration, and structural bonding of curtain walls.

2. Adhesion and fixing of automobile trim strips, automotive glass, automobile pedals, sealing strips, wave plates, wheel arcs, block flow, plate brake lights, and interior car plates.

3, other automotive wiring harness tape is also suitable for automotive, signage, decoration, building materials, home accessories gift boxes, electronic appliances, medical protection, precision machinery and other industries.

4. The thickness of automotive wire tape PE is 1mm~20mm. Black, white and gray have excellent adhesion, good retention, chemical resistance, good shock absorption and elastic resilience. All products meet ROHS environmental protection requirements.

We can offer you pvc wire harness tape, cloth automotive wire harness tape( fleece tape), automotive fabric polyester, PET fleece tape

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