Waterproof and insulating mastic tape

Waterproof and insulating mastic tape

 Waterproof and insulating mastic tape also has a wide range of temperature use. In addition, due to the special requirements of use under special and complicated environmental conditions, the characteristics of smoke resistance and mold growth resistance have further expanded the application range of the products. Used in high voltage insulation, waterproof, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, pressure protection and so on.

    Firstly, the waterproof and insulating mastic tape has strong adhesion to metal genus and non-metal objects; at the same time, the extrusion squeezing effect produced by stretching the elastic material is suitable for indoor and outdoor cabins of tunnels, buildings, vehicles, ships, etc., below 1-35KV. Sealing and waterproofing, high-voltage insulation, anti-corrosion and wear-resisting protection of electrical equipment, cable assemblies and pipe networks.

    Secondly, the waterproof and insulating mastic tape can be used for double-sided adhesive sealing of metal/non-metal joints such as electrical boxes and boxes; rapid waterproof and damaged repair of cable insulation sheath and intermediate connection parts of cables; ; wear protection of temporary cables of factory buildings; rapid pressure sealing of pipelines such as water networks and oil circuits, etc.

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