What is self-adhesive insulation tape

What is self-adhesive insulation tape

Insulation rubber self-adhesive tape, according to the voltage level is divided into: J-10 type, J-20 type, J-30 type, the use of the release film, and then stretch the tape 300% In its outer layer and then wrapped around the base of electrical tape, to do outside protection, the best. Role: Insulation, waterproof, sealed, high pressure.

Insulating rubber self-adhesive tape: There are suitable for 10kv / 35kv voltage wire, cable insulation seal protection. For example: TJD-101 (J) / TJD-102 (J) self-adhesive rubber insulation tape, butyl rubber substrate, excellent electrical properties, stretch winding self-adhesive elasticity, adaptability to the interface deformation and cracking, At the same time has the nature of rework!

Usage: Clean the surface of the protected area before trial. Remove the isolation layer, fully stretched (≥ 100%) self-adhesive tape, wrapped in a half-covered bag and the need for insulation protection on the object!


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