What is the certification of LFGB for the export of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape products to the EU? What's the point?

The export of silicone rubber products to EU countries, especially Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, requires certification by LFGB. In fact, in LFGB certification in September 2005, the German new food and food products law LFGB replaced the food and daily products law LMBG. It is also known as the Food, Tobacco Products Cosmetics and other daily necessities management law, which is the most important aspect of food hygiene management in Germany. Basic legal documents are guidelines and cores for the formulation of other special food hygiene laws and regulations. However, they have also been revised in recent years, mainly in accordance with European standards. The regulations have made general and fundamental provisions on all aspects of German food, and all Foods on the German market and all food-related household items (such as silicone rubber cutlery, etc.) must comply with the basic rules set forth above. Daily articles in contact with food have passed the test and are in accordance with Article 30 of the German Food and Commodity Commodities Act. And 31, the LFGB test report issued by the authorized organization can be proved as "products that do not contain chemical toxic substances" and can be sold in the German market.

The significance of the LFGB certification knife and fork logo

   The knife and fork symbol is a food safety sign. When there is a knife and fork sign on a daily necessities (such as silicone rubber cutlery) that comes in contact with food, it means that the silicone rubber product has passed the inspection and meets many German and European standards, and complies with the German LFGB. Regulations require that no toxic substances harmful to the human body are certified and can be sold in Germany and other European and American markets. In the European market, silicone rubber products with knife and fork signs can enhance customers' confidence and purchase desire. They are powerful. The market tools greatly increase the competitiveness of silicone products in the market.