Repairing Cable Jacket Repair Wrap Tape

Product Details

Repairing cable jacket repair wrap tape 

Jacket repair wrap tape is a unique laminate of a specially formulated backing and  a flame retardant mastic possessing the superior abrasion and moisture resistance required for all types of cable jacket repair. Small roll sizes can be stretched and molded around irregular shapes, even in tight locations. The laminate is easy to apply and remains flexible low temperatures. This tape is designed for quick and easy insulating, padding and sealing of objects that need to be protected from adverse environmental. It is well suited for corrosion protection. 


Size: 1.5mmx63.5mmx600mm






Excellent abrasion and flame resistance 

UV resistant 

Oil and chemical resistant 

Will not corrode copper or aluminum. 

Recommended Uses:

For jacket repair and restoration on mine trailing cable, durable splice cover for direct buried splices on all types of cable. For sealing and repairing cable conduit. 

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