2018 Spring Canton Fair Is Coming

2018 Spring Canton Fair is coming

2018 Canton Fair is coming. It is 15th to 18th, APril for our product: pvc electrical tape, EPR rubber fusing tape, silicone self fusing tapes, automotive wire harness tape and bopp packing tape.

Will you atend it? 

We expect to meet you on it.

The China Import and Export Commodities Fair (English: The China Import and Export Fair), the Guangzhou Trade Fair, or Canton Fair for short, was founded in the spring of 1957.

 It is held in Guangzhou in the spring and autumn and is jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Guangdong Province, China. Foreign Trade Center contractor. It is the most comprehensive international trade event in China with the longest history, highest level, largest scale, the most complete product category, the largest number of buyers at the meeting, the widest distribution country, and the best transaction results  . 

Since the 101st session in April 2007, the China Export Commodities Fair has changed its name from the China Export Commodities Fair to the China Import and Export Commodities Fair. It has changed from a single export platform to an import and export two-way trading platform.