3M The Introduction Of Double Sided Tape Super Duct Tape

Summary: 3M double-sided adhesive super strong tape that can meet the body smooth parts, all truck logo, car doors and Windows and seal requirements, small and suitable for light materials of non-fixed structure.

We know, currently with "3M" identifies of tape is today many industrial level double bubble cotton tape in the most excellent of products, its main used wear of back material, and for variety surface of rubber sticky coating and unique of pigment coloring technology, 3M double rubber super strong tape can meet body the smooth parts, and all car identifies, and car doors and Windows combined and sealed, requirements, and applies Yu light small shaped material of non-structure fixed.

United States 3M products, global reputation for its superb quality and professional features. 3M double-sided adhesive super strong tape is currently the top tape, many ornaments, converts the specified brand.

Applicable temperature: 3M double-sided adhesive Super duct tape suitable for use 5 c above (below 5 c must be roasted gun or hair dryer tool)

Used 3M tape Super duct tape Note: 3M double sided tape double sided tape and stationery to the contrary, 3M adhesive stickers on clay is not very strong, in order to be in the wrong position can be changed at random, 3M double-sided adhesive Super duct tape on the stick after 24 o'clock is very strong, stronger sticky viscous the longer.