Advantages And Uses Of High Temperature Resistant Insulating Tape

The advantages of high temperature resistant insulating adhesive tape:

Itself with excellent electrical properties, high insulation, high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali, electrolytic, good mechanical properties, low friction, resistance to tearing, special adhesive processing, strong adhesion and peel off after shading the advantage of not leaving any residue on the surface.

High temperature resistant insulating adhesive tape uses:

1, this tape is now widely used in the industrial sector and electrical cable insulation repair, insulation of various electronic components, transformer coil, capacitor insulation material of high temperature insulation and banding effect;

2, high temperature resistant insulating tape can also be used in printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic parts, fixed resistors capacitors production time and PCB Board soldering and wave soldering process covered in gold fingers and prevent the electroplating liquid immersion and pollution, PCB gold plating masking protection purposes.