Chinese New Year Food

Chinese New Year food

Festive food:

1. New Year cake


Lunar New Year to eat rice cakes, "justice to take years, citizenship to pray." Meaning all the best. The types of rice cakes are: white cakes in the north, yellow cakes; southwestern rice cakes; southwestern waxy cantaloupe; Taiwan has red turtle cakes.

2. Dumplings


Northern New Year has the tradition of eating dumplings, but the practice of eating dumplings are not the same, in some places eat dumplings on New Year's Eve night, some places to eat dumplings, there are some northern mountains to the fifth day eating dumplings Customs. Eating dumplings is a unique way to express the wish of people to pray for auspiciousness when people say goodbye to old things. In accordance with our ancient method of mind-writing, at 11 o'clock in the morning to 1 am the next day as the child. "Jiao Zi" is the moment when the New Year meets the old year. Dumpling means more young jiazi, eating dumplings during the Spring Festival is considered auspicious. In addition dumplings shaped like ingots, dumplings means blessing Fu Yun, eating dumplings symbol of wealth. Unlike the north, the New Year's dinner in the south usually has hot pots and fish. Hot pot boiling, steaming, warm sultry, booming; "fish" and "Yu" homonym, a symbol of "auspicious more than", but also metaphor shows a happy life, "every year more than." Some places in the south also pay attention to eating new year cakes during the Spring Festival, year after year (cake), symbolizing that the harvest year after year is higher and the realm is higher year by year.

3. Lantern


Southern called "dumpling", in Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places, New Year's Day morning have to eat dumplings. Lantern Festival to eat Lantern Festival, is to take "round the moon" auspicious meaning. When the Ming Dynasty, the Lantern Festival in Beijing has been very common, practices are no different today.