Clearance Of Traces Of Transparent Glue

Clearance of traces of transparent glue

1. Using an eraser, the eraser removes traces of clear glue is also very effective, but it is only suitable for traces of small areas.

2, using a wet towel, this method may be the way we think of when we first discovered traces of transparent glue. We can use a wet towel to soak a place with offsets and wipe it slowly, but this method is limited to places that are not afraid of stickiness.

3, using alcohol to wipe, first use this method must be determined in advance to be wiped place is not afraid of fade, with a cloth and then slowly wipe the alcohol, until rubbed off.

4, detergent also has the effect of removing the traces of transparent glue, using the same steps and other methods.

5, ordinary nail polish because of the chemical composition inside, so the effect of removing the traces of transparent glue is also very good.