Correct Use Of Silicone Rubber Self-adhesive Tape

Correct use of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape is widely used in the building materials industry because of its excellent characteristics, but not everyone can use it correctly. If it can't be used correctly, it can't fully play its role. Excellent features. Today, I will share with you how to use it properly. First, some self-adhesive tapes with excellent performance are exaggerated in stretchability and self-adhesive properties. At the same time, because the sealing property is incomparably waterproof, the self-adhesive tape is especially suitable for underwater joint work. With the black rubber, you can not be afraid of sludge. Second, the special waterproof performance of the self-adhesive tape of self-adhesive tape, needless to say, the strong insulation is also a major selling point, but due to the use of electrical insulation materials of the electrical series, its heat resistance will become poor Some, if you need to improve its heat resistance, you can use it with black tape. Third, the black tape that has just been mentioned is also a kind of self-adhesive tape. Its main material is cotton cloth. The biggest advantage lies in its winding performance and insulation resistance.

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