Double Coated Film Tapes

Double coated film tapes are composed of strong flexible film materials, heavily coated with solvent based, hot-melt and water based adhesives. These film tapes features a polyester liner that possess excellent processing, excellent tack adhesion and die-cutting characteristics. Generally, these double coated film tapes are applied on plastic parts, extruded parts and rubber profiles of the products and are also used for bonding electronic parts. There has been a huge change in the way the double coated film tapes market are manufactured, packaged and used across industries over the years due to the growing importance and rising demand for these tapes. However, the unique feature that makes double coated film tapes market more attractive than other tapes is its sheer strength and superior temperature resistance quality. Double coated film tapes are an ideal solution for permanent bonding of two different surfaces and also for mounting of splicing applications.