Double-sided Adhesive Removal Method

Double-sided adhesive removal method

1. Don't tear off that layer of paper first. Use a hair dryer to blow it hot. Then you can take it down with a hand.

2. If you have left traces of darkness, you can use some of the white oil at home to apply some of it on top, wipe it off with a rag, and rinse with water. If you don’t have white oil at home, you can rub it repeatedly with balm or something like oil.

3, if the location of the paste, black print is not large, you can use an eraser to rub. If the area is large, you can use absolute alcohol, that is, industrial alcohol, apply it to the paste, and wipe it with a cloth.

4, with a dry cloth stained with vinegar, cover the entire trace of the place, until the double-sided adhesive completely wet, you can use a ruler to gently scrape off.