Double-sided Tapes Double-sided Tapes Have More Types Than Other Types Of Tapes.

Double-sided tapes Double-sided tapes have more types than other types of tapes.

Classification by purpose

  1, water-based double-sided adhesive: is a very ordinary double-sided tape, the general performance;

  2, oil glue double-sided adhesive: the most used type, affordable;

  3, embroidery double-sided adhesive: strong viscosity, professional use of the species;

  4, hot-melt adhesive tape: less than the application of plastic oil, cheaper than oil gel;

  5, no substrate double-sided adhesive: high-performance glue directly coated release paper made;

  6, PET double-sided tape: PET film as the substrate for all types of switches, precision electronics;

  7. Foam double-sided tape: Take the environmental protection foam as the base material, suitable for automobiles, mobile phones, electronics, etc.;

  8, EVA foam double-sided adhesive: EVA substrate, suitable for a variety of simple earthquake-proof adhesive;

  9, fiber mesh double-sided adhesive: high-strength fiber, super sticky, suitable for all kinds of difficult bonding surface;

  10, cotton paper double-sided tape: strong versatility, many models;

  11, non-woven double-sided adhesive: outstanding performance, affordable.