Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Race Dragon Boat Race is the main custom of the Dragon Boat Festival. Legend has it that in ancient times, the Chu people were reluctant to die, and the Qu Yuan died in the river. Many people rowed to chase and save. They scrambled for fear and found no trace when they went to Dongting Lake. Afterwards, dragon boats are commemorated on May 5 every year. The dragon boat is used to disperse the fish in the river so that the fish do not eat the body of Qu Yuan. The practice of racing is prevalent in Wu, Yue and Chu.

In fact, "Dragon Boat Race" had existed as early as the Warring States Period. The canoe carved into a dragon shape in the sound of drums, as a ferry game to entertain the gods and musicians, is a semi-religious and semi-recreative program in rituals.

Later, in addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, dragon boat racing also paid different meanings to people everywhere.

The dragon boat races in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces also commemorate the significance of the local female modern revolutionary revolutionist Qiu Jin. On the Dragon Boat, the lanterns and lanterns are colored, and the shuttle moves between the water and the water. The scene is moving and has unique taste. The Miao people of Guizhou held the “Dragon Boat Festival” on May 25 to 28 in the lunar calendar to celebrate the planting victory and wishing the grain harvest. The compatriots of the Yunnan Dai nationality race in the Songkran Festival to commemorate the ancient hero Yan Hong Wo. Different nationalities and different regions have different legends. Until today, in the areas of the rivers, lakes, and seas in the south, the Dragon Boat Race with its own characteristics will be held every year.

Twenty-nine years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736), Taiwan began to hold a dragon boat race. At that time, Jiang Yuanjun, the prefect of Taiwan, had hosted a friendly match at the Half Moon Pond at Fahua Temple in Tainan City. Taiwan now holds a dragon boat race on May 5 every year. In Hong Kong, there are also races.

In addition, dragon boats have also been introduced into neighboring countries such as Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. In 1980, Dragon Boat Racing was included in the China National Sports Competition and held the "Qu Yuan Cup" Dragon Boat Race each year. On June 16, 1991 (the fifth day of the fifth lunar month), the first International Dragon Boat Festival was held in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, the second hometown of Qu Yuan. Prior to the race, a "faucet festival" was held that preserved traditional rituals and infused new modern elements. "Leader" was carried into Quzi Temple, and after the athlete gave the leader the "Red" (red belt), the ancestors read the confession and "light" (ie, clear) the leader. Then, all the personnel who participated in the sacrifice of the dragon were sent to the dragon boat race. As many as 600,000 people participated in the competition, trade fair and party activities, which is unprecedented. Afterwards, Hunan regularly holds the International Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon boat racing will be circulated to the world.