Floor Marking Tape

The so-called floor marking tape is also used to identify an important item or area, which is very easy to see on the floor or floor of a workshop, and is generally used as a warning to facilitate management of the workshop.

Zebra marking tape (hazard warning pvc tape) is mainly made of PVC material, and its wear resistance, alkali resistance and oil resistance are good, which is why it can be used in the workshop. The workshop is generally dirty and oily and there are many chemicals. Zebra marking tape can still be used in such an environment to see it very powerful.

In addition to the above-mentioned several features, Zebra marking tape also has good stability, non-corrosive, anti-moisture, high gloss characteristics, these characteristics determine it can be used in any harsh environment, and play its most important the use of.

It can not only be used only in workshops, Zebra marking tape can also be used as a road sign for the ground, but also as a color code for items, used in the underground pipelines for parcels and air isolation, which is the sealing effect. It also possesses the sealing properties of general tapes. The most important point is that zebra marking tapes serve as safety warnings.