Foam Double-sided Adhesive Removal Method

1. If it is affixed to the wall, you can use a sharp thing to scrape a small horn, and then tear down by hand against the small corner. This method is more tired but does not leave any traces.

2, if it is attached to the plastic, first with a towel dipped in hot water, all wet foam double-sided tape, and then find the small corner slowly scraped off.

3, if it is attached to the glass, you can try to use the decontamination powder. Take some of the decontamination powder on a semi-wet rag and wipe it several times back and forth. If it is a hard imprint, you can first wet the imprint and then use a decontaminating powder.

4, first soaked with warm water soaked cloth, and then wipe the trace position, while wiping, generally spraying detergent, one will be offset will become soft, it is easy to remove.