How Do You Know The Quality Of PVC Warning Tape?

How do you know the quality of PVC floor marking hazard warning tape?

First: Good quality PVC warning tape Rubber glue does not taste very strong, no pungent taste, if there is a pungent taste of the glue is generally not rubber glue, the viscosity is generally not so good.

Second: Pulling a good quality PVC warning tape at the same time, it is easy to find that the two kinds of tapes have different color changes. Poor quality of the easy to white, this is due to the participation of a relatively poor quality of raw materials, easy to cause tape wear resistance is not good, and easy to break. The average user didn't pull it carefully. It wasn't found. However, good quality PVC warning tape will not only be easy to color white, nor easy to break.

Third: The surface of the PVC warning tape with good quality is smooth and shiny, but the rough surface is rough, and the spots are usually more. If this is the case, it means that the PVC warning tape does not have good wear resistance and is easily damaged.

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