How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Colored Tape?

For the color tape is for the convenience of marking and shielding purposes, generally more yellow and yellow earth.

Insulating electrical tape

Many people use colored tape as the color of the film. In fact, the color is the color of the glue. The adhesive will be squeezed and then pulled quickly, and the adhesive on one side can be pulled off, so that the purity and transparency of the original film can be seen. The most important thing is to see the thickness of the glue. If no glue is pulled or pulled apart, there is a lot of impurities in the glue, and the glue has no cohesion. The second is that too much moisture, has been volatile, at this time the initial adhesive force of this tape has dropped very much, feel can be resolved. Apply the yellow tape to the object. The thicker the glue, the better the quality. Compared with the appearance of the adhesive tape, there is less gluing, and the color of the doped adhesive tape is very deep. After the tape is pulled, the transparency is high.

The color of the whole roll of tape is not much different from that of the unrolled one, because the good sealing tape is extremely shady and there is no color superposition. The poor quality of the doped adhesive tape to apply impurities to the BOPP film, only the relatively backward direct gluing method, so often have large particles of impurities are not completely dissolved card case occurs, so the tape is often used There are lines (where there is no glue). Good tape is used to transfer the glue on the soft roll. There is no line condition (ink leakage and less printing on the printing tape are related to the printing press).

Another method of distinguishing is to look at the surface of the tape. After the tape has been slit into finished products, it will have air bubbles. After being placed for a week, the air bubbles will almost completely dissipate. The surface of the pure blush glue tape will be smooth without any white spots. Tapes that contain impurities have a lot of irregularly distributed white spots, which are not the same as air bubbles.

In summary, we should have basically judged the quality of the tape on the appearance of the tape, and the most important condition for distinguishing the good and the bad tape is not to feel the viscosity alone because the doped tape is not volatile. The adhesive force is very high at the beginning of the time, so stick the object with tape and then quickly pull it away to see the holding force. Repeatedly pasting it several times and then touching by hand will obviously reduce the feeling of discomfort. The doped adhesive tape is usually dissolved with gasoline and acid when it is used for the glue formulation, so the odor is very large. The regular large companies use toluene to dissolve, and the fan has been volatilized during the coating process.