How To Distinguish Silicone Fusing Tape Insulation Level

How to distinguish silicone rubber self fusing tape insulation level

In the insulation performance, because of different requirements and different levels can be divided into: Y, A, E, B, F, H

For people who are not technical or engineering staff, it is often difficult to figure out what they are different. Here's a brief introduction:

Motor insulation level refers to the heat resistance of the insulation materials used, points A, E, B, F, H level. Permissible temperature rise is the limit at which the temperature of the motor increases compared to the ambient temperature.

Insulation temperature class             A class  E class  B class  F class  H class

The maximum allowable temperature (℃)       105    120      130     155    180

Winding temperature rise limit (K)            60     75       80     100    125

Performance Reference Temperature (℃)        80     95      100     120    145

In electrical and electronic equipment, insulation is the weakest link. Insulating materials are especially susceptible to high temperatures and accelerate aging and damage. Different insulating materials have different heat resistance, using different insulating materials, electrical equipment, its ability to withstand high temperatures are different. Therefore, the general electrical equipment are provided for the maximum temperature of their work.

People according to the ability of different insulating materials to withstand high temperatures to its provisions of the maximum allowable temperature of 7, according to the size of the temperature were arranged: Y, A, E, B, F, H and C. Their allowable working temperature is: 90,105,120,130,155,180 and above 180 ℃.