How To Remove Textured Paper

How to remove textured paper

The textured paper is cheaper and more widely used, especially for home use. Although the textured paper has brought a lot of convenience, but the textured paper will also affect its aesthetics, then how to eliminate it is a problem, so Xiao Bian here to introduce how to get rid of textured paper.

First, the use of special paint for water and thinner to remove paint can remove the masking tape, but also can remove the residue left by the masking tape.

Second, the use of hair dryer blowing masking tape, it can easily tear off the US profile adhesive tape, which is also considered a good way to save worry and effort.

Third, use toothpaste to clean the masking tape. It is also advisable to choose a fur brush or a toothbrush, as long as it is gently rubbed on it and then wiped with a rag.

Fourth, use a special cleaning agent cleaning shoes to wipe the masking tape. Because the necessary cleaning ability of the shoes is strong, you can use the cleaning agent to wash the masking tape.

5. Use an eraser to wipe the surface of the masking tape. Tear it off by hand, and leave the remaining glue to use the eraser.